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Debt-Free and Retired! Watch Mary's Empowering Story

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For Mary, the introduction to credit came at an early age.

Her father’s money advice? “Charge it so you don’t have to pay for it.”

As a single mother, Mary counted on credit cards to make ends meet. Her small purchases added up and became a pile of debt, preventing her from living a life of financial peace.

Mary’s debt didn’t allow her to save for emergencies. At one point, over 35% of her income was going toward debt payments each month! And what happened when an emergency did come up? “I had to turn to a credit card,” she said.

Mary’s turning point came when retirement was staring her in the face. She remembered thinking, This is it—this is where I draw the line in the sand.

Watch how Mary went through Financial Peace University and paid off $30,000!

Mary had dreams and goals, but having a plan in place was the key to her finding financial peace. Make a plan and tell your money where to go with the help of EveryDollar!

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