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Who should attend Financial Coach Master Training?
Financial Coach Master Training is ideal for passionate people seeking to help others with their finances. This is the training that will teach you how to coach families like Dave and his team have done for the past twenty years. Attendees include:
  • Anyone that has a heart for serving others
  • Those working with financially hurting families, like FPU coordinators, stewardship pastors, small-group leaders, etc.
  • CPAs and attorneys who want to enhance their services
  • Professionals requiring CEU for their business
What qualification or experience should I have to be a part of Financial Coach Master Training?
There are no certifications or licenses required. The only qualification is that you have the heart of a teacher and are passionate about helping families in need. The completion of Financial Peace University is highly recommended but is not required.
What is included in Financial Coach Master Training?
FCMT is a three-month program that is broken down into three parts. The first lessons are accessed online and cover the fundamentals of coaching. Once completed, you will come to Dave's offices for two and a half days of training on the most critical financial topics you will face in the field. You will also be able to practice coaching sessions under the guidance of Dave's team. Once you return home you will begin the three-month mentoring program where Dave's team will walk with you as you start your coaching ministry or service. During this time you will have access to Dave's team and you'll find support in peer-to-peer mastermind groups and meetings.
What will I learn in Financial Coach Master Training?
You will learn how to restore hope to hurting families just like Dave does every day on the radio. You will be able to coach others on budgeting, foreclosures and mortgages, estate planning, bankruptcy, insurance, retirement and more.
What can I do with Financial Coach Master Training?
You will be able to offer hope to everyone—from the financially secure to the financially distressed—using Dave's principles and the coaching process that you learned. Most attendees choose to use this information as a ministry in the church, in the military, as part of a nonprofit outreach, or for personal enrichment.
What are the criteria for having my coaching ministry or service listed on
Once you have successfully completed the Financial Coach Master Training program, you may apply to list your coaching ministry or service on All applicants are reviewed by Dave's team and selected based on specific program requirements. Why do we review who can be listed? It's because we will not send any of our fans to anyone we would not feel comfortable sending one of our own family members to. To be listed, you must coach the way Dave does, treat people with the heart of a teacher, and serve others with excellence. Listing your coaching ministry or service on does incur additional program fees.
What is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach?
Once you have successfully completed the FCMT online lessons, attended the live training sessions, and completed the three-month mentoring process, you will be given the designation of Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. This is a designation you can use when promoting your coaching services.
What are my next steps?
You can request more information and a member of Dave's team will contact you to answer any questions you might have. Or, if you are ready to buy now, you can select the program start time that works best for you and register today.
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