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Big Change Starts Small

Dave covers a lot on every show. Whatever your money goals are, you can get there from here.

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Weekdays 2–5 PM ET

Catch What's Ahead

  • April 24

    Anthony ONeal

    There are 5 mistakes college students CANNOT afford to make.  In this segment Anthony and Dave talk about the mistake of credit cards.
  • April 26

    Ken Coleman

    One Question author and Ramsey Personality Ken Coleman joins Dave in-studio.

  • April 26

    Millionaire Theme Hour

    This is one of our highest-rated theme hours!  Dave takes calls from real-life millionaires to hear how they did it.

About The Show

Talk Radio That Listens

Dave started on one station in Nashville back in 1992 sharing practical answers for life’s tough money questions. Word spread caller after caller, and so did the show. The Dave Ramsey Show is now on more than 575 stations from coast to coast and has more than 12 million total listeners. A lot has changed through the years, but Dave’s practical advice on life and money has remained consistent.

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  • about-575-radio-stations
  • about-12-million